About us

We are competent and reliable partner for Market Intelligence, Business Process Outsourcing and Project Development

Our Vision

You have business ideas or plan your business in the Eastern European Economic Area? Whether it is projects with the focus on market entry, business development or also in the context of joint supplier or product development projects. The successful implementation of all these projects is accompanied by an expansion of your strategic competitive factor. The large and open market promises opportunities such as increased sales, technological impulses, strategic superiority over the competition and economic success. There are, however, specific business risks, e.g. with suppliers in relation to fluctuations in quality, price, delivery in the supply chain or product characteristics that do not conform to the market, underestimated competition or misjudgements of the economic environment. In addition, there is the loss of information and communication disruptions. As a local partner, we would like to protect you from these risks with our expertise.

What makes us different

  • Precision

  • Reliability


  • Long-term sustainability


  • Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality

  • Confidentiality

Our concept
The question that immediately arises is, how can opportunities be optimally achieved with minimal risks? Our concept in the first place is, that we are a competent and reliable partner in business and supplier development. We carry out Business & Market Intelligence and let the knowledge gained flow into your business plan. We accompany their execution on site until you have the success safely in your hands. We guarantee smooth and transparent communication with our partners and with our concept we eliminate or minimize financial risks. We face up to this task with our motivation, commitment and expertise.

Ihor Kostyuk
Competitiveness manager
Founder of the company "Business Engineering

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