Market & Business Intelligence

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning"-Bill Gates

We thoroughly examine the market environment and provide extensive analysis for developing new initiatives, concepts and products in automotive area

Evaluating of the market potential requires a deep product related data which is collected, analysied und updated by our experts. The strategy that exploits the market potential is the most successful and least costly.

The following work steps are carried out:

  • Data collecting is focused on competitor, market, customer group, partner, growth potential and trend analyses.
  • Data base creating and evaluation
  • Data visualisation and reporting
  • Business modelling and optimisation
  • We optimize your existing business model or create individual business models. Whether in franchising, direct sales and e-commerce, distribution network expansion, risk analysis, innovation, individuality and market environment specifics are always strongly in focus.

 We carry out investment calculation and risk assessment 

Every model needs an investment. When determining the financial advantage of investment projects, the cash flows expected as a result of the investment are forecast and evaluated against a single target figure (e.g. profitability). We use static investment calculation methods which take into account the monetary burden of the investment (costs, expenses) regardless of their time occurrence (cost comparison, profit comparison, amortization, profitability calculation).

Market & Bisiness Intelligence

The advantage of market intelligence is that the analysis is tailor-made. Thus, only relevant data is collected and inaccuracies can be avoided. Other way around, Business planning is typically based on general market studies. These provide only rough information on the really relevant product categories, which in detailed planning leave a wide scope for interpretation and estimates.


  • identifying profitability, profitability areas

  • improve financial performance
  • resource efficiency assessment
  • optimization and cost transparency
  • forecasting budgeted expenses


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